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Sols Digger Hire West Malling is a mini digger rental company that serves Kent and the nearby areas. We have micro excavators/mini diggers for small tasks with limited access. Renting one of our compact diggers is a cost-effective and practical option for personal and commercial clients.

The micro digger is a tiny device that can be manoeuvred easily in small spaces, making it perfect for such scenarios. Our Mini Diggers are great for West Malling clients with limited access since they can fit into holes as little as 700 millimetres.

Rental Discounts for Long-Term Mini Digger Hire

Sols Digger Hire West Malling is known for offering some of the most cost-effective digger rental quotes. Our diggers are normally hired out on a daily basis, but if you rent them for a week or longer, you will receive a considerable discount.

Delivery Of Your Mini Digger Within One Hour,  If Not It’s Free For The Day

Our team schedules a 1 hour delivery window for your excavator; if we don't arrive by that time, the mni digger is yours for the day free of charge. We understand that a construction site must run smoothly in order to make money, and that when a client pays the price for a job, time is crucial.

Modern Mini Digger Excavators With Service Back-Up

Our mini diggers are well-kept and have warranties that are extended when they expire. In the event of a failure, our engineers will try to arrive on site within one working day to repair or replace the equipment.


Why Customers Use Our Affordable Mini Digger Rentals All Over West Malling

Our mini diggers are suited for any household or business project that a customer in West Malling may want. Mini diggers are useful for a wide range of jobs. One of our little diggers is commonly used for shuttering, soakaways, land drains, ponds, swimming pools, concrete bases, tree root removal, roadways, and walls. All foundations, footings, drainage, highways, equestrians/horse rings, general patios, landscapes, water mains, gas mains, and driveways and patios are areas mini diggers are useful for.


When It Comes To Mini Digger Rental In West Malling, It's Critical To Get The Job Done On Time.

We are committed to ensuring that you receive your mini digger promptly so that you can get to work. With past expertise in the construction industry, we understand the importance of punctuality for your company's success. We give a money-back guarantee for the booked day if the mini digger is not delivered by the agreed-upon date and time. If we have cost the client money due to inefficiency, the very least we can do is credit a day's worth of consumption.


West Malling Mini Digger Hire Offered For Long-term Service Discount.

Rental of a mini digger may be required regularly by our commercial and residential customers. If this is the case, you should contact our sales department to learn about our current West Malling mini digger rental specials.


Types Of Diggers We Hire Out In West Malling

Sols Digger Hire West Malling has a wide range of mini digger alternatives available in West Malling. Our digger options range from micro diggers to skid steerers.


Bobcat pioneered the skid steer loader and manufactured them for over 60 years. They've built a reputation for quality, efficiency, and dependability. Bobcat skid-steer attachments are available for various Bobcat skid-steer models, making them powerful job site equipment. As soon as you step into the cab, you'll notice how much better this machine is than the competition. This technology was created to push the envelope in every way conceivable, improving efficiency where it is most required.


It's a small mini excavator that has a lot of promise. When you need it, it's a little excavator with a lot of power. Every piece of equipment we create for our clients is engineered to provide the highest levels of comfort and precision in the industry. With the help of this small piece of equipment, productivity can be greatly boosted.


Micro Diggers can help you get into places that are tough to reach with manual labour. Zero Tail Swing allows you to manoeuvre through even tighter areas and narrower pathways. It offers the best wear and tear resistance and the most flexibility for slewing and depositing spoil.

Which Mini Diggers Do We Rent In West Malling To Customers?

Our complete fleet is built after 2021, and we sell bobcat, jcb, caterpillar, hitachi, and kubota diggers. We rotate our diggers regularly to ensure that we receive service assistance from our manufacturers and that the diggers in our fleet are kept in excellent shape.

When Your Mini Digger Breaks Down On The Job, What Should You Do?

We'll have mini diggers starting in 2021, so there shouldn't be any significant concerns, but it's unrealistic to expect nothing to go wrong. We aim to get a replacement mini digger at your location within one working day if the manufacturer cannot fix it onsite.

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1.5 Tonne Mini Digger

A 1.5-ton compact digger, sometimes known as a mini excavator, is a durable and strong machine. This compact digger offers a powerful digging force and a greater operating range, making it simpler to access difficult-to-reach locations like roadsides and residential areas. Foundation digging, road excavation, and garden landscaping are just a few of the chores that this tool can do.

Buckets in the following sizes are available: 230mm, 300mm, 450mm, 600mm, and ditching buckets.

Any three of the following buckets can be given at any moment. Please mention if you want buckets with teeth when booking a reservation online or over the phone.

1580kg is the machine's weight.

The length is 3670mm.

990mm width (in millimetres)

Maximum digging depth: 2230mm

The gasoline tank has a capacity of 21 litres.

Maximum speed is 2.2 km/h.

Swiveling speed: 9.1rpm

Diesel as a source of energy

Dimensions: 3670 x 990 x 2300 mm (L X W X H)

Weight: 1580 kg

Diesel as a source of energy

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3 Tonne Mini Digger

The 3 tonne mini excavator, often known as a mini digger, is a strong yet tiny vehicle designed for heavy earthmoving or excavation tasks. Foundation digging, truck loading, landscaping, and clearing work are just a few of the duties that this machine can handle.

Bucket sizes: 300mm, 450mm, and 600mm ditching buckets are required (optional)

Any three of the following buckets can be given at any moment. Please mention if you require one of the available sizes or if you prefer buckets with teeth when making a reservation online or over the phone.

-The machine weighs 2790kg.

The length is 4520mm.

the breadth is 1500mm

Maximum digging depth: 2680mm

Fuel tank capacity of 45 litres

2.7/4.6 km/hr maximum travel speed (low/high)

Swiveling speed: 9.4rpm

Diesel as a source of energy

1500 x mm Dimensions (L X W X H)

Weight: 2790 kg

Diesel as a source of energy

Digging Depth: 2680 mm

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5 Tonne Mini Digger

The 5 tonne small digger, often known as a mini excavator, is capable of handling any job. This machine combines the strength to handle severe jobs with the adaptability to perform in any setting, and it's engineered to function effectively even in cramped quarters.

Bucket sizes: typical lengths are 450mm, 600mm, and ditching.
- Optional lengths of 300mm and 900mm are available.

Any three of the following buckets can be given at any moment. Please mention if you require one of the available sizes or if you prefer buckets with teeth when making a reservation online or over the phone.

Machine weight is 4775kg.

The length is 5330mm.

width: 1960mm

The maximum digging depth is 3380mm.

The fuel tank holds 68 litres of petrol.

Maximum travel speed (low / high): 2.8 / 4.9 km/hr

Swiveling speed: 9.3 rpm

Diesel as a source of energy

Weight: 4800 kilogrammes

Diesel as a source of energy

Digging Depth: 3380 mm

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