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Skid steer loaders are rented by Sols Digger Hire Snodland to businesses and people in Snodland and the surrounding area. Our skid steers and mini excavators are designed specifically for jobs that require more accessibility. The skid steer digger would be ideal for landscaping and construction jobs where access is restricted. Large projects will be completed more rapidly and at a reduced cost thanks to the use of skid steer diggers.

The small shape of the skid steer loader makes it simple to manoeuvre and operate. Skid steer Diggers are ideal for clients with limited access because they can pass through holes up to 700 millimetres in diameter.

Discounts For Long-Term Skid Steer Loader Rentals

Our diggers are normally rented on a daily basis, but if you rent them for a week or longer, you will receive a large discount. Sols Digger Hire Snodland has a reputation for offering some of the most affordable digger rental quotes in the industry.

Free Days Use If Not Delivered In One Hour Scheduled Window

We understand that a construction site must run smoothly in order to make money, and that when a client pays a price for a job, time is crucial. Our team schedules a one-hour delivery window for your skid steer loader; if we don't arrive by that time, it's yours for the day.

Skid Steer Loaders With Full Service Backup

Our skid steer loaders are well-maintained and have their warranties renewed when they expire. In the event of a breakdown, our engineers will strive to be on site within one working day to fix or arrange for a replacement.


Reasons To Use Our Affordable Skid Steer Loader Rentals In Snodland

Skid steer loaders are a hugely powerful device that, due to its small size and considerable performance, comes with a lot of adaptability. These devices can be used for footings, drainage, landscapes, water mains, electric mains dug out, driveways, patios, navigation, shuttering, soakaways, land drains, ponds, swimming pools, and tree root removal. The possibilities of a skid steer loader are virtually limitless.


We Can Provide Skid Steer Loaders In Snodland That Will Get Your Work Done Fast

We understand the importance of punctuality because of our previous experience in the building industry. Sols Digger Hire Snodland is dedicated to making sure you have your Skid Steer Loader on time to get the most out of your day. The client will not be charged for the day if the skid steer loader is not delivered on time to the client's Snodland location. We will give the client a free rental day if we do not arrive within an hour of the scheduled arrival time.


Discount for Long-Term Use Of Skid Steer Loaders

Please contact our customer service department to check if there are any savings available if you need to hire a skid steer loader in Snodland for an extended period of time. We value our Snodland clients, which is why we promise to provide the most competitive pricing possible.


What Skid Steer Loaders So We Supply In Snodland?

Sols Digger Hire Snodland has a lot to offer in terms of Digger alternatives in Snodland. Our digger options range from micro diggers to skid steerers.


Bobcat skid-steer extensions are useful for a range of Bobcat skid-steer models, making them powerful jobsite equipment. As soon as you step into the cab, you'll notice how much better this machine is than the competition. This technology was created to push the envelope in every way conceivable, increasing productivity where it is most needed. Bobcat pioneered the skid steer loader and has been manufacturing them for over 60 years. They've built a reputation for quality, efficiency, and trustworthiness.


It's a small digger with a lot of promise. When you need it, it's a mini excavator with a lot of power. Every piece of equipment we create for our clients is engineered to provide the highest levels of comfort and precision in the industry. With the help of this small piece of equipment, productivity can be greatly boosted.


Micro Diggers can help you go to places that are tough to reach with physical labor. With Zero Tail Swing, you can get through even tighter spaces and negotiate narrow passageways. It has the greatest slewing and spoil depositing versatility, as well as the greatest wear and toughness.

What Brands Of Skid Steer Loaders Do We Rent In Snodland?

Models of skid steer loaders from 2021 and later are available. We stock a wide range of JCB, Bobcat, Caterpillar, Hitachi, and Kubota loaders. We make it a point to only deal with the best brands in the industry, which skid steer loaders are of the finest quality and come with excellent customer care for Snodland customers, so we don't disappoint. We wouldn't want our users to be unable to complete their tasks due to equipment failure.

What Should You Do If Your Skid Steer Loader Fails In The Field?

Swift Digger Hire Snodland is proud of the help we provide to our Kent customers, which is one of the nicest things about us. Despite the fact that we hire out warrantied skid steer loaders, you may occasionally find problems in them. If this happens, we'll do everything we can to replace or repair the unit as soon as possible. Our manufacturer's backup will try to arrive as soon as possible, and if that isn't possible, we'll start looking for a new skid steer loader for you.

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Bobcat S70 Skid Skid Steer Loader - 760lbs

Bobcat's smallest skid-steer loader, the S70, with a 760-pound rated working capacity.

With a height of less than six feet and a width of less than three feet, this SSL can work in tight areas and pass through tiny doorways to get to the job site. Contractors, hobby farmers, backyard projects, snow removal, agriculture, renting, and any other application where employees might benefit from a little loader would find it ideal.

Bobcat S450 Skid Steer Loader - 1,300lbs

Bobcat's new cab provides excellent visibility and operator comfort, as well as a clear view of the attachment in operation.

Because of its breadth, the S450 is a powerful performer for its size, and its narrow turning radius allows you to complete huge tasks in tight spaces. The Bobcat S450 now has a Stage V compliant engine with greater torque and a radius lift path for enhanced maximum reach at mid-range heights, such as dumping over a wall, backfilling, or unloading flatbed vehicles.

Bobcat S510 Skid Steer Loader - 1,790lbs

The Bobcat S510 skid-steer loader is the company's first model in the popular 500 frame size, which is ideal for earthmoving applications. The radius lift route offers you the reach and visibility you need for dumping over a wall, backfilling, or loading flatbed trucks. A freshly designed Stage V compliant Bobcat engine, as well as high-flow hydraulics and air conditioning, are now standard on the S510.

Bobcat S590 Skid Steer Loader - 2,000lbs

The Bobcat S590 skid steer loader is ideal for operators who desire equipment that are powerful, dependable, and comfortable. Bobcat has a long history of developing high-quality machinery. This skid steer loader upholds the brand's reputation and will not disappoint.

The Bobcat S590 is a unique piece of equipment. Operators can speak to the fact that this machine has high breakout forces and quicker cycle times, among other benefits. This Bobcat is a multi-purpose piece of equipment that may be utilised for a range of tasks. Its built-in attachments allow it to be used for demolition and other efficient equipment applications.

Bobcat S62 Skid Steer Loader - 2,100lbs

The S62 R-Series skid-steer loader has been updated with a new inline engine and direct-drive system, as well as improved cooling and machine protection. The machine's high breakout forces, short cycle durations, and increased lifting capacity are all contained inside a tiny footprint. The spacious, one-piece sealed and pressurised cab, as well as the optional glass side enclosure, allow total comfort and maximum vision on all sides. When fitted with automatic heating and air conditioning with Bobcat Standard or reduced effort SJC joysticks, this loader gives operators more precision control and comfort over long periods of time. The 68-hp radius-lift-path S62 boasts powerful digging and grading capabilities as well as broad reach at mid-range heights. The lift arms' cast-steel construction provides strength, while their smaller size enhances visibility.

You can achieve more with excellent manoeuvrability, twisting, and skidding. No matter how tiny your area is, the S62 compact loader has the strong hydraulics and renowned agility to offer you the performance advantage.

Bobcat S64 Skid Steer Loader - 2,300lbs

The Bobcat S64 R-Series skid-steer loader redefines breakthrough performance with a rebuilt inline engine and direct-drive system, enhanced cooling, and better machine protection. Because of its amazing agility and superb turning and skidding skills, the 68-hp S64 makes it simpler to do more when working in confined spaces. High breakout forces, fast cycle times, and increased lift height and capacity are all advantages of the S64 skid-steer loader, which ensures maximum production. With a large, one-piece sealed and pressurised cab, ergonomic controls, and an optional glass side enclosure with automatic heating and air conditioning, it's easy to understand why operators choose this robust, nimble equipment.

Bobcat S66 Skid Steer Loader - 2,400lbs

Even in tight locations, the S66 R-Series skid-steer loader is built to handle the hardest jobs. This 74-horsepower vertical-lift-path machine has Bobcat Super Float tyres and Two-Speed travel for accurate turning, skidding, and mobility with little soil disturbance. The S66's strong lifting capabilities, rapid cycle times, ergonomic controls, and in-cab display with machine statistics and performance data all help to boost output. In addition, an inline engine and a strong direct-drive system, as well as cast-steel lift arms and a better cooling system, making even the toughest work days easier. Add versatile loader attachments to take on challenging jobs and get more done.

Bobcat S76 Skid Steer Loader - 2,900lbs

The S76 skid-steer loader is designed to help you get more work done in less time. This 74 HP skid-steer loader has a larger capacity and height, as well as powerful breakout forces and rapid cycle times. Among the machine's innovations are an inline engine and direct-drive system, cast-steel lift arms, and improved cooling performance. It has exceptional turning and skidding capabilities, making it ideal for demanding work in confined areas. You'll also experience a new level of operator comfort with to a large cab, ergonomic controls, optional automatic heat and air conditioning, and more. The S76 is built to provide you more usable horsepower and overall performance so you can take on bigger, more demanding chores.

Bobcat S740 Skid Steer Loader - 3.100lbs

Bobcat's new S740 vertical-lift skid steer loader features a Tier 4-Final engine with 74 horsepower and no requirement for a DPF or SCR. The loader has a 3,100-pound rated working capacity, which is 100 pounds less than the 85-horsepower S750, and a 6,200-pound tipping load, which is 200 pounds less.

Bobcat meets Tier 4-F requirements thanks to its DOC and ultra-low particulate combustion (ULPC) engine.

The Bobcat S740, according to the company, has a cab-forward design that puts the operator closer to the attachment and enables for 360-degree visibility. The large windows on the sides, rear, and top of the cab, according to the company, give for greater visibility of the tyres and back of the vehicle.

The auxiliary fast couplers are fixed directly to the front plate of the lift arm for a more robust installation, and hoses are routed through the loader arms for improved protection. A guard bar extends from the front of the coupler for further safety.

Bobcat S770 Skid Steer Loader - 3.350lbs

When it comes to digging, loading, pushing, grading, and other chores, the Bobcat S770 skid-steer loader is up to the challenge. The S770 is a Tier 4 model with a vertical lift path for increased reach at maximum lift height without losing performance.

Unparalleled strength to help you complete even the most demanding jobs Industry firsts include breakout force, rated working capacities, shorter cycle times, and quicker rotations.

Bobcat S850 Skid Steer Loader - 3.950lbs

Bobcat's largest skid-steer loader is the Bobcat S850. The new loader is packed with power and performance, and it is Bobcat Company's highest lifting skid-steer loader, with a lift height of 12 feet. The S850 is built to operate long hours and more effectively in rough terrain and job sites, allowing the operator to spend less time on routine maintenance and more time on the job. The new design has a unique cab-forward design that gives the operator a clear view of the attachment while operating and allows 360-degree sight. Thanks to a 10% increase in cab capacity, operators will be able to work in comfort. Because to improved engine mounts that decrease vibration and noise, noise levels have been reduced by 60%. New job-enhancing functions have been added to the Deluxe Instrumentation Panel, which is offered as an option. The keyless start assists in theft prevention, and the new panel intelligently monitors key loader functions, as well as display and monitor particular attachment functions.

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